What you should be watching on TV II

Here is a list of current/recent/upcoming stuff I like on TV and recommend for others. This post is an update on a previous post, partially inspired by the crappyness of The Newsroom, that all too many folks seem to be taking seriously.

The best damn show on TV right now. Funny and serious at the same time. Makes me want laugh as much as it makes me want to cry. Unique feat for a comic show.

Likely my favorite show on TV right now. A leisurely paced cop-show set in scarcely populated Wyoming. The cases can be slightly overwrought and background story sometimes takes a backseat to the procedural stuff, but I love the world carved out for the story, I love Katie Sackhoff, and I love the soft spoken mannerism of Sheriff Longmire.

Breaking Bad
Series five just kicked off, and I am excited. I can’t say that I have ever gotten into the series (never made it past E2 S1), but I have refined a new plan of attack for this show (I am going to start with season two, let us let bygones be bygones, season one). The overwhelming critical adoration this show receives, and having enough people I trust swearing by it, makes me believe this is my fault, rather than the show’s fault. You should probably be watching this.

Tremendous respect for Lena Dunham, who does everything on this show, save from making the sandwiches for the caterer. It is funny, well written and clever. I’ve heard people complain that it comes off like it is supposed to be a real life Sex and the City, but to those people I’ll say, you probably never saw How to Make it in America. Enjoy this for what it is, a smart, well written show, by a talented young storyteller.

BBC’s Wallander
I am a sucker for Swedish television, something that comes from years of living in the Social Democratic Paradise, but I must admit that the third season of the UK adopted Wallander series, starring Kenneth Brannagh is probably better than anything the Swedes could muster themselves.

Scandinavian Crime/Drama
I’ll just join this under one heading. If you have not paid attention to a series of great shows coming out of Denmark, Sweden and Norway you are missing out: Forbrydelsen, Broen, Borgen, Våra Vänners Liv, Lilyhammer, Dag, Livvagterne. I recommend all of the above.

The Hour
I am only two episodes into this 6 episode miniseries about a UK newsprogram in 1956. The show The Newsroom should probably have aimed to be. Good stuff.

Funny show about the political life of a Vice President of the USA, loosely caricatured on Sarah Palin.

Stuff I am planning to watch but haven’t started, but still want to tell you about: 

A prequel to the long running Inspector Morse series. Looks very promising.

British serial-murderer chase.

Hatfields & McCoys
3-part miniseries about historical family feuds starring Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner. Critical hit. Should be worth three hours.

I shouldn’t have to mention the obvious stuff, Mad Men, Justified, etc.?

Just don’t let anyone tell you The Newsroom is the best thing on TV.

UPDATE: And crap, Homeland. Everybody should watch Homeland.


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