My complaint with

I am a loyal reader of The site  is an excellent source of local news for the Malmö/Lund region and for the most parts a very good example of a well-designed news site.

The web TV is a feature I especially like. Sydsvenskan’s journalists make good use of it and offer relevant and often interesting news videos that give me a better understanding of a society that I’ve recently joined.

However, I do have one (or two) complaint, which I’ve already shared with Sydsvenskan’s web editor, Anders Olofsson. Anders, to his credit, seemed to agree with me, but, since then, nothing has changed. Therefore, I’ve decided to share this complaint with the rest of you, in the hope that someone will agree with me and complain as well. Strength in numbers, people.

i) I would like to be able to embed videos from to share on my blog, but Sydsvenskan does not provide an embed code with the videos. In his reply to me, Anders Olofsson mentioned copyright concerns as the reason for providing the code. I am a little skeptical of that explanation. Embed codes are common practice for many news sites. Check: CNN or It seems to me that it should be simple enough for Sydsvenskan to release the rights to share the material under Creative Commons, for example, but obviously, I am not an expert on Swedish copyright laws. I don’t understand why this barrier exists. If I want to share this video with friends, that should be considered a testimony to the fine work avialable from Sydsvenskan and drive up viewer statistics for their site as well. This is the very definition of a win-win situation.

ii) When I watch a video from the website, I can select another video to watch from a sliding menu below the main video in internal player. However, if I choose another video, the link in the address bar is not updated. As a result, I can’t see the link to the video I am watching, and the internal player does not offer a direct link to the video. This makes it difficult for me to share the video with friends through email, messenger, facebook or twitter, for example. Instead, I need to do a little searching on the website to find the original entry for any videos I want to share from the slider. It seems obvious to me that the link should follow the video.

Petty? Sure, these are minor complaints, but remember: God is in the details.



    • Jú mögulega. Það tekur bara svo langan tíma að skrifa á sænsku, það eru svö mörg ümlauts að velja úr…

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